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Taste the Celebration

Four years of anticipation are almost over! The World Cup is right around the corner, and it is more than just a football competition and 90-min matches, it is the best time to hype up with friends & family.

And because celebration tastes better together, we brought a full range of hot & iced beverages with sweet & savory food for you to share the moment!

Summer Rewards

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Say hello to free coffee, exclusive tailored offers and much more

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Celebration tastes better together

World Cup Celebration is better together and having your Starbucks favourites around is the extra pump of passion!

Pink Drink

Keep Calm and Drink Pink

Think tropics, sip pink. The secret's out, try it now.

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Summer 2 Sustainability

Grounds for your Garden!

Ever wonder how far a coffee bean could go? Beyond the daily hot cup of coffee you enjoy, we have found a way to use coffee grounds to nurture and give back to the environment.

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Summer Coffee

Our Coffees

Discover Starbucks Roast Spectrum and dive deep into brewing techniques

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