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Starbucks Middle East Holidays 2021 Campaign English

The Iconic Festive Flavour is Here!

Time to cheer, time to share, for the festive season is here! It’s that time of the year again – the season of joy and we are thrilled to announce the return of the festive favourite Toffee Nut Latte, at a store near you and on delivery. There’s a cup with your name, waiting for you.

The all-time seasonal favourite, Starbucks Toffee nut Latte 2021 is all about cozy comfort to warm you up in this winter and reignite the joy of celebration in your heart.

Prepared with 100% Arabica signature espresso with velvety steamed milk, Toffee nut Latte is happiness in a cup as it combines the rich, buttery taste of sweet toffee with the warmth of toasted nuts. The crunchy toffee nut springles on top of the whipped cream makes this seasonal drink just the perfect indulgence to start the holiday season early on.

But, what really is a Starbucks Toffee Nut moment?

1. It’s when you take the first sip and feel nostalgic about the year it’s been and you start winding down

2. It’s when you share happiness as you catch up with your friends over a steaming cup on a chilly night, those moments where you lose track of time

3. It’s the smile in your face and twinkle in your eyes when you catch a break to indulge during or after a busy day at work

For all your happy moments and more, it is your delight that we want to bring to you all season long. You can enjoy the Toffee Nut Latte as hot, Iced or Frappuccino – any way you like it.

Red Cups MENA 2021 Starbucks Horizontal Banner_En

Starbucks Red Cup: A Look back at History

Every year as you patiently wait for our iconic Red cups to kickstart your festivities, we are just as excited to share with you new ways to present the seasonal cup of cheer and create memorable moments with and for you. It’s had been a celebrated tradition at Starbucks since 1997 when Howard Schultz (founder, Starbucks) picked the first Holiday cup designed by Starbucks alumna Sandy Nelson from 100 other cup designs pinned on the company’s wall. The idea was to bring in the joy of the season with every hand that would hold and every eye that shimmered when holding the cup.

Looking back, the journey of our Red Cups so far has been fascinating and exciting to see evolve. The colours of the first cups were closer to magenta with three more jewel tones – emerald, sapphire and amethyst, and featured festive swirls and hand-drawn leaves with coffee beans as design.

By 1999, Starbucks had its a major moment when the creative partners gathered and decided on the vibrant shades of red to be the official colour of Holiday cups. Candy-apple red became the official colour of 1999 with cup design painting beautiful motifs of winter and holiday joy. The cup became a true symbol of the holidays.

It has been over 20 years now. The cup design has gone through many changes over time.

As we relive our past this year, we want to share the same passion and joy with you by bringing to you the Holiday Cups of 2021 and sharing with you 5 of our favourite picks from the year gone by:

1. The 2005 Cup - Festive shine in twinkle lights

2. The 2007 Cup - The Iconic ‘Pass The Cheer’ 10 years of holiday cup

3. The 2009 Cup - A cup of wish, hope, love and so much more. Something we’re all yearning for this year?

4. The 2013 Cup – The Holiday story visualized with coffee plant is a cup to treasure and pass on to generations after. Don’t you think? 

5. The 2018 Cup – We really outdid ourselves this year when we took a simpler route with the white cup featuring green leaves and red berries, and a beautiful dual-toned red cup. Nothing beats a classic stripe, right?

But, we have got something even better this year! Visit your nearest Starbucks store to get your hand-crafted beverage prepared in 2021 Starbucks MENA Red cup just for you.

Starbucks Holiday Food 2021

The Season of Delight

If there is one thing common among us, it is our love for food, especially the memories around holiday traditions with good food and get-togethers with our loved ones. Remember all the time you have gathered with your families and friends! The air was filled with love, laughter and the aroma of your favourite Holiday sandwiches and cakes, as you took bites while unwrapping gifts.

This year more than ever, we hope this comes true for you.

We are thrilled to introduce our holiday classic menu to bring you as close as you can get to the holiday nostalgia - a little help to add to the season as you we inch closer to normalcy.

This 2021 holiday, feast on the delicious Chicken Cranberry Brioche – a savoury recipe that combines creamy garlic thyme chicken mixture with baby spinach and dried cranberry inside a soft brioche bun and create your own holiday transition with a twist.

End your lavish holiday feast with the perfect dessert. Our Holiday Chocolate Cheesecake features a rich chocolate cake with crunchy cookie base, topped with white chocolate sprinkles and chocolate button - a pure delight for the chocoholics!