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Starbucks Bluewaters Reserve Store Exterior View

Introducing Starbucks Bluewaters – the ultimate Reserve Experience

Our Siren found her way to the Seas.
2021 December will always be a memorable year for Starbucks MiddleEast as we opened the doors to our one-of-a-kind marine-themed Reserve Store in Dubai’s newest - Bluewaters Island. Situated in the heart of the island, this 1000th Starbucks Store resides amidst the bustling entertainment hub at the base of Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel. Brimming with eye-catching interior, a spectacular outdoor seating and Reserve brown apron partners who are ready to serve unique beverages with a smile, this store is the perfect destination for specialty coffee-lovers, ambience-seekers, and for the ones looking for that amazing Insta-worthy background to enjoy their favourite beverage at.

Starbucks Bluewaters Reserve Store Exterior View Interior

The interior at Starbucks Bluewaters is inspired from its surrounding – the scenic landscape meeting the tranquil sea. The store features walls with rich, aqua, dynamic tones of the Arabian Gulf against the earthy toned plush seating areas. The awe-inspiring ceiling installation mimics sea waves, thus inspiring tranquility while being dynamic, exactly what you will feel while you are at the store.

Starbucks Siren Bluewaters Store

One of the striking features of our store is the wall to wall Mural, designed by illustrator Tatiana Boyoko. It depicts in bold pop of colours, our Siren grandiosely offering the gift of coffee to you in the Arabian Gulf, alongside traditional Arabic boats.

Starbucks Bluewaters Store Reserve Bar

Starbucks Bluewaters is a Reserve store, with a stand-out brass bar offering familiar favourites as well as exciting new Reserve expresso specialty drinks and affogato experiences. Our baristas are excited to share with you our new specialty beverages – Shekerato Bianco, Mocha Bianco, Vanilla Bean Latte, Undertow, Americano Con Crema and Sparkling Mint Espresso. Live the La Dolce Vita life with our newest offering of ice cream in coffee, featuring Classic Affogato, Cold Brew Float and Nitro Cold Brew Float.

Starbucks Bluewaters Store Nitro Beverages

Don’t forget to try out our Nitro-forward beverages in the Cold Brew Bar. Alongside the Classic Cold Brew Latte and Cold Brew Cappuccino, we are thrilled to offer you 6 new beverages only at this store. Popular opinion has that Starbucks Sparkling Cold Brew Tonic and Starbucks Sparkling Cold Brew Ginger Ale will perk up your regular day instantly.

Starbucks Bluewaters Store Food

For the foodies in the Gulf, there is something for everyone at this Starbucks Reserve store in Bluewaters. For every cravings, be it a muffin, a cookie, a pretzel, a croissant or even a vegan delight or the oh-so-classic cheesecake, our Baristas are happy to help you pick the best suited beverage with the food of your choice.

Merchandise at Starbucks Bluewaters Store

What gets us the most excited is to offer you unique Reserve merchandise, in palettes of the ocean. From teal tumbler to ocean blue mug to dual toned cold cups, you will find everything that makes your heart happy and face smile.